perfect working sprinkler system installed by our professional Hialeah irrigation contractorsOur Hialeah Irrigation Contractors Will Answer Any Questions You Might Have

How Do I Program My Timer?

Your Irrigation Controller can be your friend or foe, depending on how well you use it. Fortunately, our Hialeah team will show you how to use your system effectively.

Can I Set Up My Sprinkler Timer for Life?

Even though the controller allows for automatic watering, unfortunately this is not as simple as set and forget. You need to make sure that your rainfall sensor will shut off your sprinklers when it rains, and you need to adjust for local and state water restriction. If you're looking to get a handle on how to balance power with your sprinkler timer, come see the experts of Hialeah.

How Much Should I Water My Lawn?

(This is Really a Question of How Long)

Ideally, you want to get your grass a weekly dose of about one inch of water, evenly distributed to the complete surface of your lawn. Water weekly to achieve this, and you will end up with hardy grass with deep roots. Timing for this will depend on your individual irrigation setup.

Can I Set Up A Way To Water My Vegetable Garden More Than My Lawn?

Absolutely. Our Hialeah sprinkler experts can set up your yard as a series of zones or micro-zones to cater to a wide variety of plants. Every plant in every zone has different care requirements, and it is our job to make sure your system can keep all of them thriving.

Do I Need A Smart Controller?

Due to the complexity of water use in Florida, the local weather, changing seasons, and efficiency challenges, smart meters are a smart decision for many of our customers. These devices take weather, geographic area, temperature, and other data, to incorporate in its watering schedule. If you want the lowest maintenance setup a smart controller is the way to go.

What Is Micro Irrigation?

Micro Irrigation allows homeowners like you to be able to provide small precise amounts of droplets or mist to specific parts of your landscape to provide even coverage directly to the roots of your plants. If you have trees, vegetable gardens, or a diverse collection of plants, you may want to ask us how you can incorporate Micro Irrigation in your home irrigation plans.