Our Hialeah Gardens Sprinkler Repair Techs Will Help You Save Water and Spend Less

Adjusting popup head during sprinkler repair in Hialeah GardensDrought conditions are creating a challenge for many parts of Florida this year. Even though the use of tap water has fallen by 40% since the mid-80's, The state is still dealing with water shortage in contrast with the need for proper irrigation. All five water districts, as well as state and local government have enacted legislation to limit the use of water for home irrigation.

These rules affect all Florida residents and don's seem like they will change anytime soon. Its our duty to stay prepared and to stay informed of water conservation efforts in your area. Our professional Hialeah Gardens sprinkler repair contractors will teach how you can start saving water and have smaller water bills.

Specialized Service


A newly installed set of sprinkelrs runningEven residents who get their water from wells fall under the same rules of those connected to the tap. No matter the source, water is still a resource, and still needs to be treated like one. If you use a well to supply your home irrigation needs, we can help you reduce your use and avoid tapping your well dry. If you need work to update your well-based irrigation system, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Grey Water

One option that enjoys growing support is the use of grey water to fuel residential irrigation. This method is one way to really be efficient about your use of water. These systems use reclaimed wastewater to use once again. This grey water contains a rich mix of nitrogen and phosphorus, and even acts as a fertilizer! Though the use of waste water is a clever way to extend your water use mileage, there are a number of rules regarding its uses in residential irrigation.

Micro Irrigation, Micro Climates

We Provide Precision Solutions to Demanding Landscapes

Planter boxes with drip irrigation in Hialeah Gardens, FLClimates are divided into geographic territories in which they reside. These territories are usually pretty general. If you were to examine climate through a magnified lens, you would see that climate varies between you and your neighbor's, heck, different parts of your yard have their own microclimates. These microclimates are the area of shade under the tree, that patch of cactus in the corner, etc. All of these areas of your yard can be divided into zones, all of which have different irrigation requirements. The rise of micro irrigation techniques such as mist and drip systems has allowed vast improvement in the ability of the average homeowner to conserve water.